i want a murder mystery show where the body is always the same cheap-ass plastic skeleton, fully clothed and in some completely ridiculous pose. like, itll lay there with its hands on its hips in some terrible sequin dress, and the detectives will step up to it all super-serious like ‘it appears she’s been dead for 12 hours” and no one will mention the fact that ‘she’ is a dollar store halloween decoration

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So my friend’s uncle is a critic for the NY Times. His job is to read books before they come out so he can predict whether it will be on the Bestseller list. And guess what book he jut read to review? THE RETRIBUTION OF MARA DYER. I told my friend to ask him what he thought in a very vague way,…

You can rest eas(ier), because this isn’t true.

I confirmed with my editor that the manuscript hasn’t been sent to anyone, not even reviewers. It doesn’t even exist in sendable form, because they aren’t printing bound manuscripts or ARCs. Also, I’m still working on it!

Keep calm and carry on.